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Jan 20, 2013 10:30am EST
. ♪ ( applause ) captioning sponsored by wpbt marshall: hello, i'm peter marshall. nick clooney: and i'm nick clooney and it is only because of your pledges and your support that we are able to be back again with another edition of my music from the glorious big band era. peter marshall: you're so right, nick, and this time, we're gonna focus on the great singers, and remember the songs that they made famous, music that is timeless it's my music: the big band vocalists, and it starts right now, right here on pbs. narrator: next, pbs brings back the best of the big band era. your favorite vocalists sing their greatest songs on pbs. [singing] peter marshall: this darling lady started out with the artie shaw band, it was 1938 she followed billie holiday on the band with great success incidentally then she moved over to the benny goodman band. nick clooney: and then it was harry james. peter marshall: and you know why? nick clooney: of course, she had a terrible crush on him. peter marshall: that's right. he didn't have any money to pay her but she could have cared less. in fact, with th
Jan 2, 2013 12:45am EST
general's we have all heard of from general marshall to general westmoreland but also those we haven't heard of and historians i think need to be recaptured. i'd like to go ahead and start right in in the middle if you will, tom. let's talk a little bit about your most provocative pieces, which is that oil down to in essence there's just not in a firing going on in the u.s. military since the end of world war ii. >> i will tze yes, there are is not enough firing going on but the book is not simply for firing more general's. it is a brief for accountability. if you hold people accountable for success and failure, you incentivize success in the military and i think we have lost that. there's a real tolerance for media be. as colonel paul yang ling famously said about the iraq war, a private uses his rifle -- [inaudible] and the book is a cry for restoring some of that accountability the george marshall used in world war ii that marshall gave generals about 90 days to two months to either succeed, get killed or be replaced. and that is why today people like fred and bald have been forgott
Jan 1, 2013 6:45am EST
imagine running a war that way. can you imagine marshall saying to eisenhower january 44, a company that 18 months, time for some else to have a term. marshall and eisenhower made a lot of decisions in 42. they need to make mistakes and learn from them. eisenhower at one point in africa thought he might be relieved. he sent a letter to his son single, that's the nature of the business, don't worry about it. we will all go on. >> that's one of the critiques i've seen about your prescription to the book is a question of if rix wants us to fire more generals does that mean doesn't tolerate mistakes? by turner to suggest even our greatest leaders made plenty of mistakes on the personal front as well as -- >> you had 155 men elected to be division commanders in combat in the army in world war ii. many hurdles before that. marshall cleaned up 600 senior officers before the war began. officers he considered dead weight. that's the phrase used to frankfurter when frankfurter was talking to him. of the 155 men who commanded divisions in combat in the army in world war ii, 15 were fired. sorr
Jan 18, 2013 7:00am PST
reports, dr. marshall -- >> vice president marshall: no. >> president mazzucco: during the break i stayed this contact with the chief about the issues coming up and the events. i attended a crisis intervention team meeting with commissioner chan and our through commander assigned is commander korea, did an excellent job, retirement of chief dudley. that's about all i have to report. dr. marshall, you want to say something? >> vice president marshall: real quick i want to thank you for your acknowledgement for my going to washington friday to talk on this issue of gun violence. i mean i tell you, when i got the invitation, i was stunned. i said is this real? is this is not from the white house. you got to read it like eight times. and especially to be able to lend my voice on the hot button issue of the times, obviously. it's all over the news. certainly -- is in everybody's mind and more importantly this is what i've been doing all my life. so i will be able to talk about what we've been able to do, to stem that tide, just in the small constituency that i work with. but i'm not onl
Jan 9, 2013 5:30pm PST
proud of. our own dr. marshall, who is the president of the mega boys club and is on our commission will have to leave early to catch a flight tomorrow. he's been summoned to the white house to be part of a panel dealing with gun violence. he just found out about that. so if he's a little late, he's working on the arrangements. that's an incredible honor for one of our police commissioners. he ran a gun buy back program and we had a great conversation today about gun violence. he will share those thoughts with the vice president. so we're very honored and proud. when he gets here, a little round of applause. without further ado, call line item 1. >> the clerk: presentation of certificates of appreciation, action. mr. halloway, and officers matthew cloud and stephen gritsch. >> thank you, mr. president, commissioners, chief biel, mr. hicks, happy new year. tonight, i'm not going to be wearing my poa hat outside of congratulating two of our members who will receive an award later on. i'm wearing my arson task force hat. i'm assigned to the arson task force for the san francisco police
Jan 7, 2013 12:00pm PST] >> as you all know, the german marshall fund vehicle very kind to provide us with this -- has been very kind to provided us with this opportunity to have four of their european experts in bicycle planning, bicycle implementation and bicycle programs and they are experts on all aspects of the bicycle. and here in san francisco, you know, we are at this point trying to after a hiatus of three years because of court-ordered injunctions trying to implement our bike plan. so we all a collective goal, i believe, to increase the environmental and nick sustainability of the world around us that we participate in and especially in san francisco, but we do have a special responsibility because this place provides us with the opportunity that most other places don't. the geometry and geography of san francisco is up that it is easier for us being in a city of short trips to veil ourselves to other alternatives to the car. so when we want to reclaim the street and the public right-of-way and the public realm for people and basic human needs of access to the humanities that urban en
Jan 7, 2013 7:00am PST
marshall. integrating this into the public school curriculum, prevention, what is appropriate behavior, junior high dating, what are the boundaries for young women to set. behavioral models for young men. one thing i wanted to do more about is economic empowerment for women. as you can realize, the department has a small staff. at one time there were as many as 8-10 staff members. now we have 4.5 we sort of move our agenda as is necessary. the prevention -- intervention particularly -- is important to us particularly empowering women. it is even more difficult when there are financial issues and be able to be gainfully employed. >> this is not a criticism. i don't think - ideal of the same thing with the kids - i am saying, any opportunity that you hear about things progressing? when i talk to kids in school, is it really working? i want to leave it for me since i've had some success with young people i would be willing to offer to help in that area because like i said i don't like the in result. that so they want to stop. >> >> if anybody has a right to ask a question, that's dr. joe
Jan 24, 2013 11:30pm PST
the work you're doing and work with us and don't lose that concern for the community. dr. marshall. >> well, let me begin by saying i'm not a fan of drug users at all, at all, at all, and i don't think anybody who knows me knows that. a lot of pain, a lot of heartache and i really don't take any excuse. with that being said this report seems to say -- the questions being raised that there were more arrests of african-americans for drug sales as compared to other jurisdictions. it's a legitimate question to ask why. i think the next step -- it's a little clouded to me by the data collection thing anyway because it seems like we have data issues we have been wrestling with. with that notwithstanding the immediate thing to do see if the same disparities still exist. i think that would certainly be the next step, and then you could -- well, yeah. i think that's the main thing. if you get the numbers for the last four years would they be in fact similar or the same? i'm very familiar with michelle alexander and the book and i don't know there is not a tenderloin in every city and probab
Jan 14, 2013 12:30am PST
marshall: if i read this correctly, based on your i guess research and the answers it says here the department is recommending, is that correct? >> yes. >> vice president marshall: that's what it says here. okay. >> so if there aren't further questions for the sergeant i wanted to ask if the applicant, mr. romero could come up and ask your permission to ask you these questions and of course you can say no. >>7ljç yes, the applicant does t have to disclose this information publicly, as we've discussedjpp÷ before, the application file and the background information in it is confidential. and that's not -- the record but it's the content of the information. so that's why we had gone to this paper follow-up process. i'm a little concerned. we've already talked about some of the information that's in the file, which the record is confidential. and that information is confidential as well. so it's up to the applicant to decide, if he's willing to share some of this. but if he doesn't want to i think we should continue with the written process so those records and that information can be
Jan 27, 2013 8:00am PST
citizens do to stop the senseless violence? the last 26 years, dr. joe marshal and the omega boys club street soldiers has made it their mission to keep people alive. gun violence is the number one killer of young people. did you know that? omega boys shrub has become the national model for programs across the country and here to give us his take on how we can end gun violence in america is founder and executive director of the omega boys club street soldiers, dr. joe marshal. welcome back, joe. >> uh. >> great to have you back. >> thank you. thank you. >> you said at the white house talking about this issue. >> yeah. >> and getting your arms around it. why? >> why do we have this issue in america? >> well, basically, you have it because people feel hey need -- feel they need to settle their problems with violence we have a culture of violence here for a long time and exists in the inner city, it exists in the suburb and in rural areas, you know. guns are prevalent. >> uh-huh. >> people feel that when something comes up, you know, violence is the way to settle the issue and the gun is
Jan 30, 2013 5:00pm PST
proposed a school marshal program to protect campuses from gunmen mod yeld after air marshal who's guard against terrorism and staffers from janitor to principal could be skparmd no ÷ how many are carrying a gun. >> we have a more yap yal obligation that the next vicky soto faced with inexpoliticable even,,s"z that e she not be leftézq+ defenseless. >> school marshals would have to pass a background check to get a concealed weapons permit. one bill would alout use of education funds to pay for the program illustrating the divide in the gun control debate in these post-sandy hook times pitting proponents begins gun supporters. >> we laid off thousands of teachers. why would we use the few personnel we have left to be armed guards? when armed guards don't always prevent shootings? >> then there is argument of stray bullets in a battle between a school work skbrer armed intrude yir. >> if you're trying to shoot a shooter that could be dangerous for kids. >> but christina, mother two of was another on the way says she couldn't bear the thought of the kids in a school shooting. >> i a
Jan 21, 2013 2:30pm PST
>> >> if anybody has a right to ask a question, that's dr. joe marshall. i am very dedicated and certainly this commission is very dedicated to doing the prevention work and we do need to have a broader conversation about that. i think that as we started out with the discussion, executive director dr. -- indicated that this year so far we have had 0, we have so many days left in this calendar year, talking calendar year not fiscal year. we have had zero homicides as a result of domestic violence. that is really something to take note of. i don't think that that has occurred by happenstance; it is not a statistical anomaly. i think it is because we are gearing our work more as preventative. preventative - the collaborative effort that we are working with, the various departments, the police department, the various partner agencies is in and of itself becoming more defined preventative. a lot we heard this evening is interventive; as we go forward the fruits of that labor become more definitively preventative. nonetheless i think that you are absolutely correct and that is correct
Jan 21, 2013 2:00pm PST
important what commissioner marshall spoke to earlier, and echo about the tragedy in kansas city. we are talking about the 22-year-old mother who was killed and leaves a three-month-old baby. that is with these conversations are about. even though we are in a staffing crisis, the mayor and the people who sit on these chairs will address this but we are still down about 300 officers. thank you for your comments and the material beverly upton who keeps moving around back there. concerning our most vulnerable. in october we built a space in our most secure floor, behind locked doors, a place for children, and many of the folks behind me contributed to making it nice. everybody has been sitting together, we are altogether all the time anyway. in october, domestic violence, elder abuse, missing persons, juvenile violence, came together under one roof. a putting the human trafficking task force regional effort. even though we are in the middle of hiring 1000 officers over the next six years, a critical piece of that and i will read this draft, officers convicted of domestic violence shall
Jan 13, 2013 11:30pm PST
. so thank you very much. >> president mazzucco: dr. marshall. >> vice president marshall: obviously echoing everybody else, i mean let me just say the thing that bothers me i hear from people about the police, the police. there are individual officers who make up the department. and you know, there are times when some of them, for whatever reasons, do different things. but when you do good things, you've go the to be lauded, you've got to be showcased, you've got to let folks know this image that you have -- that's why we do this. this is the highest honor you can do. you save somebody's life and you have to let folks know. especially in that community, this is wonderful. thank you, thank you. everybody out there that's not the police, don't lump them all in the same category. thank you. >> president mazzucco: thank you, dr. marshall. anything further? chief. >> i just want to say first of all that i know, on behalf of the chief and the entire command staff we are so proud of both of you. i personally am very proud. i served five years in the bayview. i'm always proud to say i'm a p
Jan 11, 2013 12:00pm PST
police department as well as our community partner the omega boys club headed by dr. joe marshall and one of the most successful gun buy back programs. we collected approximately 2 96 guns off the street, 300 we were able to get guns off of out of hands of folks. not just in the southeast neighborhood, but all across san francisco. and i think we have a collective understanding that there is a growing awareness on the part of san franciscans about the need to do more to address gun violence and to believe -- and i believe that there is a desire for us as elected officials to take greater steps in implementing institutional solutions to these issues. * these weapons and this ammunition over here to my right don't belong in the hands of san francisco and online suppliers, online suppliers have an obligation to disclose to law enforcement officers information about residents buying large amounts of this lethal ammunition. i just want to say thank you for being here. i look forward to introducing this legislation. as soon as we hit the ground running in january. i appreciate your supp
Jan 14, 2013 7:30am PST
, and the organizational aspects by the respective staff. >> vice president marshall: i like when the commission joins meetings, some more than others. there is more of a nexus. we should do it again. much sooner than never. and that we stay on top of this. there are times when just because things happen, there is a focus on it. partly what is happening the city and elsewhere, it will stay on this, reconvene, we can really do something about not only domestic violence but the triage that we have been talking about. a bit strong support that and i know my fellow commissioners would also. >> is there anything further? we would like to adjourn in honor of -- >> i defer to commissioner -- >> if you allow me a personal moment to adjourn in memory of my mother-in-law. is rather appropriate because she was the mother of the san francisco police officer. she immigrated to this country, strong armenian woman, and had to go back to school to be reregistered as a nurse. she went back to state college later in life and completed courses where she received a teaching certificate to teach preschool
Jan 30, 2013 12:00am PST
jobs and if that is possible i would like to start with dr. marshall. >> dr. joe marshall. i have been on the police commission for eight years, three terms. i am the cofounding executive director of make a boys club. i just want to mention it isn't on the agenda there is a gun buy back program which is happening on december 15. there is a -- there will be a gun buy back in oakland and my organization and youth uprising are doing a program that day jointly of the gun buy back in san francisco will be held at the omega boys club on tennessee street. this is a billboard which will go up very shortly. we're going to do what we can to get some disbuns off the street. >> thank you. commissioner chan. >> good evening i am angela chan and at the manager attorney at the program and work on access and immigrant issues and worked on domestic violence issues and i am excited to be here tonight for this historic joint meeting. >> and i am sharing a seat with my colleague here. hello i am susie loftus and the chief operating center of wellness and a center in bay view designed to change outcomes to
Jan 11, 2013 4:25am EST
dulles. bwi marshall, 35 degrees. we have showers moving in. they will be with us this afternoon and tonight. not this morning. you can see we have breaks in the clouds this morning. eventually, smt of rain showers you see out to the west out into ohio and kentucky -- some of the rain showers you see out to the west out into kentucky will be moving n sunday looks like the warmest day near 65 to 70. we are still on track for a nice weekend. i wanted to be careful that we're not talking april warmth here. >> because once -- 70 somehow turns into oh, gosh, it will be 75. i understand. i got you. >> who that is voice in the corn officer. >> the voice in the corner, the voice in your head. both annoying, i'm sure. inbound new york avenue at bladensburg road off to a quiet start leaving northeast to northwest. here we are in front of the roslyn tunnel. they are picking up the roadwork that we had out there in play. the left side of the roadway remains closed off. no problems to report for those continuing on 66 leaving manassas headed eastbound towards the capital beltway. northbound o
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 821 (some duplicates have been removed)